GetProfiles has always been a great, cheap, and controllable way to find leads for your outbound campaigns from LinkedIn. 

You can import leads from LinkedIn as you browse through it, either directly from the contact profile page or from a search results page.

The advanced search filter on GetProfiles plugin can only search publicly available LinkedIn profiles from Google. 

However, if you want to  import leads directly from LinkedIn: 

  1. Just visit your prospect's profile page on LinkedIn, expand GetProfiles widget on the right side bar and you will see the contact profile already loaded on GetProfiles plugin. Just click add to import the lead. Check the image below.

2. Search people on LinkedIn and add filters to refine your search and when the results shows up, just expand the GetProfiles widget on the right side bar. If you don't see all profiles loaded on the plugin, just scroll down to load all profiles from the results page. When ready import profiles one at a time or add all. Check the image below.

Once you import the lead, you will get all relevant contact and company info including verified business email.

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